Emil Nolde: Christ Among the Children

Thank you to LaGail Davis for contributing this commentary on Emil Nolde’s painting, Christ Among the Children, excerpted from a class essay.

As quoted by Pois, Nolde declares, “I had to be artistically free, not to have God before me as a steel-hard Assyrian ruler, but God in me, hot and holy as the love of Christ” (84). “The cold, paternal God of Old Testament authority, the Father God who, out of a sort of
divine crankiness turned people to salt or swallowed them up in earthquakes, had to be shoved way from him” (Pois, 85). Nolde desired a relationship with God that was tender, non-judgmental and uncomplicated. In the painting by Nolde called Christ Among the Children, (Figure 3) it is apparent to which character he attributes loving qualities and to whom he attributes rebuking qualities. Continue reading “Emil Nolde: Christ Among the Children”