Get Zen @ Hamon: Enjoy Nature Outside and In

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On a 10 minute walk to Hamon from anywhere on campus, you can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of enjoying nature by slowing your pace and taking notice of the trees, flowers and water features. 



Here are a few reasons why this walk makes you feel better:

  • Being in nature makes you feel happier  

Spending just 15 minutes sitting outdoors may help you feel psychologically restored.

  • Being in nature may make help you concentrate better  

Taking a break in nature can improve your concentration by giving your brain a well-needed break. Leave your phone and laptop behind and let your mind unwind.

  • Being in nature limits your stress

Being outside, even if just in your own SMU neighborhood, can reduce stress in the body.

  • Being in nature lightens feelings of depression  

Spending time outside heals you in so many ways—including your mental health.

Nature outside of Hamon

Inside of Hamon, you can also engage with nature. Experience the benefits of studying with indoor plants and in natural sunlight on the first, second and third floors.

  • Indoor plants may help reduce stress levels

Plants in the library can make you feel more comfortable, soothed and natural.

  • Real plants may sharpen your attention

Studying in the library with real, live plants may make you more attentive and better able to concentrate.

  • Plants may boost your productivity

Multiple studies have found that plants in a workspace increase both productivity and creativity.

Hamon in nature

Find out other reasons why nature is good for you and the benefits of indoor plants:

Blog post and photography: LaGail Davis, General Operations Manager and zen master, Hamon Arts Library, SMU
Sources linked above.

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