In memory of our colleague, Dillon Wackerman

The staff of Central University Libraries are deeply saddened to share the news about the death of our wonderful and brilliant colleague, Dillon Wackerman. After a nationwide search, Dillon joined SMU’s Central University Libraries on August 1, 2016, as the Digital Repository Librarian. He quickly rebranded SMU’s digital repository as SMU Scholar and transformed it into a vibrant showcase of the University’s scholarly research.

It is hard to capture in words Dillon’s relentless drive to expand support for scholarly communication at SMU. He was a proactive advocate for Open Access and an emerging leader on our campus in developing strategies for strengthening relationships between the libraries and the campus community. He enabled faculty and students to exercise their publishing options in SMU Scholar and worked tirelessly with all contributors – faculty, students, and staff at every level. He continuously served as a dedicated advocate of Open Access, author’s rights, and the preservation of SMU’s academic output, and scheduled many meetings and training sessions in his professional endeavor.

His creativity in and exuberance for Scholarly Communications stood above the crowd. He developed and hosted conferences that captured the latest trends and thinking in this field. Librarians and faculty from around the region attended these effervescent events, which led to lively, professional debates and critical discussions on the future of library publishing and the free flow of scholarly information.

Dillon was a true professional with the highest standards of excellence. In a short amount of time, he rebuilt SMU’s digital repository at a breathtaking speed. Dillon was also a beautiful and caring person whom we will never forget. Central University Libraries is fortunate for having  known and worked with such a professional and kind colleague. Our heartfelt condolences go out to his family in Texas and California.

For those of you who wish to donate funds for Dillon’s family to support them in the following months ahead, please go to:

5 thoughts on “In memory of our colleague, Dillon Wackerman

  1. Your tribute to Dillon Wackerman was very meaningful to his family, thank you.

    Grandparents Frank and Laura Blevins

  2. Dillon and I were coworkers when he worked in the library at SFA. This is a wonderful tribute to him, and I’m glad that he had such a positive and lasting impact on your library and on the SMU campus!

  3. I went to college with Dillon in Chico and we were both managers at Taco Bell. He was one of my best friends and one of the kindest people I ever met. I love and miss him dearly. Thank you for this tribute.

    1. Thank you, Tyler, for this comment. Dillon was a wonderful colleague, and he is also missed at the library. His many contributions to SMU Scholar continue at the University even today!

  4. Dillon was my roommate in Chico CA from 2006-2007. We lost touch after he moved out but I always knew him to be a good guy and was saddened to hear this news. RIP Dillon and condolences to the family.

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