Megan Heuer talks about the new research service at Umphey Lee

Megan is here

Q: Tell us about your new research service at Umphrey Lee (ULee), and when you are available.

Megan: I will host office hours for walk-in reference and research help in ULee 256 on Tuesdays, 10 – 12:30 and Wednesdays, 12 – 2:30. Some will recognize that location as the old Tech Effect office across from the Temerlin reception area. Watch for the six foot sign with my doppelganger on it that will be put out when I am on location.

Q: Why did you start this new service at ULee?

Megan: Most of the subject areas I work with are based in Umphrey Lee. In fact, some of the students in communications, advertising, or journalism classes might not have ever had a need to visit Hamon Arts Library, where I am located. Oftentimes, students don’t know how a reference librarian could help them or they may be intimidated about asking for help. By offering office hours in ULee, I am hoping to raise awareness of my services and remove any barriers for students who need support.

Q: What do you most want faculty and students who are in programs at ULee to know?

Megan: I think that librarians are sometimes associated only with academic, library-oriented research. As the Communication Arts Librarian, I am here to help with any of the information needs of those departments, whether that involves library resources or not.


Thank you to Megan Heuer, Communications Arts Librarian, Hamon Arts Library. For any questions about this service, please contact Megan at

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